Ways to Keep the Change






by Stephanie Pletka

Do you ever feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? In my case, it came in the form of a purse.

I bought this cute, sassy designer bag and before I knew it, I had stashed extra diapers, a pair of socks, my 10 yr old’s iPad and a big bag of change.

The very thing that was holding me down, weighing on my shoulders was a bag of change, $13 to be exact.

As I cleaned out my purse, it hit me, of all the junk I’m throwing out, receipts, a mismatched shoe, a purple hairbrush, the one thing I truly needed to keep – was the bag of change.

Not the endless quarters, dimes and nickels, rather, a BAG OF CHANGE.

What an Epiphany.

We fall into the rut of life, mindlessly driving to work, going through the motions.  We graduate from college and are handed a key to the Hamster Wheel of Life.

We walk down the same grocery store aisles looking for the same food, cooking the same meals, paying the same bills, folding the same laundry, when what we’re looking for is a Bag of Change.

Change Perspective

I replaced my own thoughts, needs and dreams for those in my household under 4 ft. 2, allowing their emergencies to become my own.

I’m hungry, I need this, I want that. My days were filled with: Don’t holler, quit fighting, drink your milk, get out of the road, don’t look at your brother, put it down – and before I knew it, I lost myself.

I had become one of those items in my purse, weighing Me Down!

I wanted to be the Leading Lady of my own life, not the Best Friend next door.

1. Give the Kids more Responsibilities

Meals, laundry; After all, leading them to productive citizenship is the goal. They’ll begin to appreciate how much work it takes to complete a task. You’ll begin to hear: Thanks, mom: dinner was delicious.

2. Place Yourself on the “To Do” list

Take tennis lessons, check . . . set aside time to exercise, meditate. Read a book, listen to a podcast, put me somewhere near the top.

If they see a haggard mom who’s chasing her tail, we’re teaching them that adulthood is atrocious, a series of unfortunate events. Not a future I’m willing to pass along.

3. Take Responsibility for Yourself and Write your Own Story

Shake things up. Try new recipes, change your Look, try a new Style, volunteer. Life is full of Color, Adventure, and Opportunity. Clean out your Purse of Life and remember to Keep the Change.

Here’s to Living the Best Version of You!  Share with us, what’s  keeping you from change.