Battle Ready Book Review

Want to train your mind to conquer challenges, defeat doubt and live victoriously? Yes, Please! I interviewed the author, Kelly Balarie to find out why she wrote Battle Ready.

First of all, this book is such an easy read, chock full of relatable girlfriend, growing up stories that take you back to a place of connection, vulnerability, struggle and celebration. The theme that runs through the book is a yoga, meditation vibe of battling through life’s struggles with a warrior mind. This book offers practical tools to bridge the gap between finding your purpose and the struggles that keep you from fulfilling your destiny. It inspires us to take notice of life’s patterns, how we deal with struggle, react to opposition, offering techniques to leverage your mindset and bring clarity and purpose. Each chapter delivers biblical back up to transform your heart by the renewing of your mind. Battle Ready prepares you for life’s struggles, providing a self assessment to determine how you struggle, how to find peace, the importance of risk, and how to combat the enemy’s attack through easy to remember Acronyms. Imagine IF, all the lies you tell yourself, you actually stop believing, living a life fully prepared, geared up to fight the good fight, Battle Ready.

Q&A with Kellie Balarie:

Q. What became the crossroads moment, your ‘Why’ for writing the book?

A. I realized my thoughts of defeat, discouragement and despair were ruling me more than Christ was ruling them. It was time for a change. I wanted to discover the truth, the insights, the love and the ways to help my mind dwell on truth, rather than lies.

Q. While many run from failure and tend to guard themselves from risk, in your opinion, why is failure imperative?

A. Failure means you tried. God loves it when we go out on a limb in the name of love. If we haven’t failed, I fret to say we haven’t tried hard enough. Of course, it is not our effort that we do things, we want to be inspired by God. Yet, at the same time, we step out on the raging waters, keep our eyes on Jesus – and go!!!

Q. In the book, you describe your dog Argus. We tend to run like it’s our last days or our glory days. Why is perspective so important and how do we transform it? How do we become like Argus?

A. Argus never gave up. He saw the prize and kept running. But most of all, he saw me and loved me. It didn’t matter that he had a horrible cancer of the face, or that he was on his last leg – he had joy in running next to me. He kept going. Why? Because love pushed him on, compelled him and encouraged his heart. We can be like Argus next to God. We can gain strength by being near Him. We can gain hope by hoping in Him. He is our way.

Q. What are subtle ways we allow the world to enter our lives; what is the importance of guarding our hearts and minds?

A. If we don’t have our eyes on Jesus, we probably have them roaming elsewhere. The world is a slow-draw away from God. Before we know it, we’re off on some other track. It is imperative that we simplify our lives so we can simply pursue what matters most. The book, Battle Ready, has all the how-to ways we can do this included in it. It helps us to pursue a life that matters.

Q. Reminding ourselves that our days are numbered, we have a curtain that will close, what would you tell your reader about living in the now?

A. Now is the only moment you’ve got. Make it count. Hint: Love prevails. It never fails and always endures.

Q. If you could give any advice to a person who isn’t living their full potential, what would it be?

A. How is living half-in working for you? Do you feel joyful? Peace-filled? Why not try something new?

This book is available on For more tips and tools to help you discover your story, your purpose, go to and take the battle ready quiz. Here’s to discovering your purpose.

About the Author: Kelly Balarie is the author of Fear Fighting and is a featured blogger at and A passionate national speaker, she has spent a decade leading groups of women in spiritual growth, marriage building, and Bible studies across the nation. Balarie lives with her husband and two small children near the sun-soaked shores of the East Coast.