Stephanie Pletka

Inspiring Moms To Live Their Greatest Life

About Stephanie


Stephanie Pletka is a writer, blogger, and speaker, who finds humor in the ordinary, writing topics that inspire parents to Live Their Best Life; with subjects including: Mom Guilt, Comparision Traps, Fear, Change, and Isolation.

If you’ve had a diaper-slinging, baby-feeding, taxi driving, soccer mom, homework-helping, sick kids in the night, teenage broken heart mending, backpack wearing, car seat toting, chicken nugget eating kind of life, your future is bright.

With 2 business, 4 kids and a need to create life’s “Slow Down” button, this Atlanta family hit the road for a life of adventure: running a tech company, writing and educating kids, while traveling to 45 states and 10 countries. Recently moving to Scottsdale, AZ to explore the beauty of the West.

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