Celebrating the ‘Enough’ Mom

Worlds Okayest Mom

In college, my focus was less on education and more on socialization.I wholeheartedly scored an A in Fraternizing, Consorting and my dedication to commemorating an occasion. My grades were OK.

There are moments when we shine in life and others when we’re just OK. The vital signs on the Monitor are still moving, nothing special, but we’re alive.

Us Moms spend our days beating ourselves up, thinking we’re not Enough. If we don’t have a cooking show or Professional Christmas Cards distributed by Dec. 5th, we’re not enough.

It’s such an immeasurable term. What does Enough look like?

Webster’s defines it as: Adequate. And yet somehow,we view it as IN-adequate.

Somewhere between social media and those craft sites, we think, wearing anything less than a Super Hero Cape MUST mean we’re letting the world down.

What was once considered Over Achievement has become the lowly standard. We provide ourselves little slack in the Less Than amazing moments. And believe me, there are many more Less Than moments.

When I was young, we weren’t rich, but no one told me. My parents started their own business; finances were tight, but we had love and determination.

We spent boo-coos of family time, playing badminton in the front yard, swimming at the lake, eating ice cream on the trampoline, laughing at each other’s stories, and enjoying Tuesday game night.

My parents, at some point, probably felt like they weren’t enough, but we didn’t see it that way.

Kids and spouses alike, have this amazing redemptive quality. They’re just happy you love them!

We tend to be our own worst enemy.

Look at your kids as they skip through the house. Does this send a message that you’re not enough? Or maybe the teen who half rolls their eyes at a comment you made, yet stays in close proximity to the living room, as to not miss out on the action.

Who do they run to for advice, boo boos, and heartbreak, with perfect precision, making a beeline straight for you? It’s because You’re ENOUGH!

You hold a solid position in those individual lives. No one can take this from you, but YOU. There’s no need for a Harvard resume to apply for this position. You’re here because God gave you this crazy family that no one else could handle like you could.

No one can fill the void, soften the blow, heal the heart, fill the wound or love their soul like you can. Because Say it: You’re ENOUGH!

We feel like a failure, they think you hung the moon.  You feel overweight, they think you’re beautiful.  You think you’re a terrible cook, they think you’re the best grill cheese, maker.

Apparently, they view us through Rose Colored Glasses. Maybe we should buy a pair. Perception is Reality folks and Mama, you’re Enough.

At times, we’re a Mess, a Masterpiece, A Success, and a Failure, but most of all, we’re Enough.

Here’s to Chasing Your Dreams, Writing Your Story and Living Your Best Life. Share with us moments when you don’t think you’re enough.

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