No One Told Me It Was the Last Time

When I was a kid, summers held the fondest memories! My little sister and I jumped off our old green boathouse into the lake, giggling as we ran toward the house eating peach ice cream; making our way to the trampoline, dodging the sprinkler system.

Barefoot and carefree.  Life was full of promise.

But then one day, it stopped.

If only I knew that was our last day hanging out like that. Perhaps our attention turned to other things, we grew up, we moved? I’m not sure.

But if I had known it would be our last, surely I would have embraced it more, held on a little tighter, enjoyed it a little harder.

Do you have a memory that brings a smile to your face, a friend, a moment, a person, a song?

When my oldest son was little, he loved for me to throw him in the air. I think that child lost weight, giggling!

I look back on those fond memories with laughter and sadness because I had no idea throw #399 would be the last toss, the last giggle.

A new phase came along, and he never asked for another air throw.

Time doesn’t stop for reflection. It has a quiet way of moving forward. Life doesn’t throw up a red flag to say: Warning, your pre-teen won’t think you’re fun or smart in 17 days.

Caution: those endless hugs your daughter loves to give – but annoys you – she’ll never offer again, starting next week. So make all the hugs count!

Did you realize when you picked up your child when he was 7, it would be the last time?

I know, I’m thinking, I had no idea. Now he’s in high school and time is slipping away. No one told me it was the LAST TIME.

I guess I could go pick him up, now. Of course, I might get a hernia, and he’ll think I’m crazy, but we’ll both remember when I picked him up, last!

Embrace all the moments. This could be family vacation #101 of #102 or the last good cry over life and boys as they leave for college. Life is short, now go pick up, hug someone!  For it could be the last time.

Here’s to Living the Best Version of You.

What was the last moment for you?

James 4:14
You do not know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life, but a mist, that appears for a little while, then vanishes?

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