Endings That Create New Beginnings

What Does Your Next Chapter Look Like? Change Ahead!

Have you ever had a plan that failed,
* a career that ended
* a school you weren’t accepted to
* a promotion that didn’t pan out
* a marriage that didn’t survive
* kids that got sidetracked
* and life looked pretty bleak?

Boy, that happened to me. I love to plan and dream about the future. In fact, on the ennegram personality test, I’m a 7, an Enthusiast – Spontaneous, Active, a Dreamer, who Loves Freedom and Versatility. A seven loves change, or at least the GOOD Kind.

So you can imagine how tough it was when, as an entrepreneur of a tech start up, my husband and I, who had the freedom to work from anywhere, lost one of our biggest clients, due to a downturn in the economy. We suddenly found ourselves in a perdicament. My husband had to take consulting gigs in other states and overseas. I was working part-time and raising 4 kids alone. Something had to change. We needed a Plan B, stat.

That Plan B turned into us homeschooling the kids for 3 years and traveling with John to 45 states and 9 countries. The transition wasn’t easy, but the change created a life with a bigger payoff. We became a tighter-knit family, seeing, touching and experiencing life on the front lines, together. And those life lessons are turning into a book.

If we allow it, Endings Can Create New Beginnings. Sometimes we have to let go of the story we thought our lives would look like, to clear a path for a new one.
Living Your Best Life: Letting Go of Self-Doubt, Fear & Other’s Expectations discusses the 12 lies we struggle with and steps needed to:
* Let go of self-doubt, to live freer
* Embrace the small wins 
* Create Breathing Room 
* Allow Endings to Become Beginnings
* Chase Your Dreams Write Your Story
* Find Your Tribe 
* Exchange guilt for grace, replace comparison for contentment         

Looking for the next step. Purchasing this book is your next step. Buy your book today: Here’s to Living Your Best Life. 

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