Conversations with Catherine: Chat with Stephanie Pletka, author of ‘Living Your Best Life’. She talks about re-setting your perspective during COVID-19 and best practices for giving yourself grace.

Interviewed by Susan Miller, CEO of Just Moved Ministries, dedicated to the spiritual growth and emotional well-being of women who are uprooted by a move or major life change. Life wasn’t meant to be wrapped in a little red bow. Whether you’re working from home, have experienced a job loss, are empty nesters, or herding young children, life is the mess we need to embrace. In this episode of Hope for the Uprooted with Susan Miller, Susan interviews Stephanie Pletka, speaker and author of Living Your Best LifeStephanie wants us to remember that life isn’t perfect – it’s maintenance. She offers five ways to thrive during the Coronavirus quarantine.

What a great interview w/ the Fierce Calling Podcast. We unpacked Expectations, Boundaries, and the Steps to Being Yourself. “Make sure your worst enemy is not living between your own two ears.” ~ Laird Hamilton

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Don’t Let Their “NO” Be Your “NO.” See it as a small road block to your destination and keep truckin’ on. Flexibility is key. No one talks about Plan A’s, because it’s not a thing. Hardly anything is successful on the 1st try. That’s why we all talk about Plan B’s.

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